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Ankara born Okul, has grown with visual imagination since the moment she looked at the world through the viewfinder of her father's camera. She spent her early childhood in Neienburg, Germany. As overturned as the sentence "Ich möchte euch kucken kamera" (I want to look through the camera) sounds, as a child this was the most significant quote she repeatedly said to her dad whenever she was holding his Hi8 camcorder. As a matter of fact, the desire for looking at the world through the camera has been her life motto to this day.


After studying Visual Communication and Design in 2006 for merely a semester, she transferred to Cinema and Television. She started her professional career as a production assistant and an assistant of director in 2006. She graduated from the Cinema and Television Department at Bahcesehir University in 2010. Two of her short films, Tayf and Dem, received awards in various international and national film festivals during the same year.


Although she attended academic English classes in Los Angeles and London during her college years, each time she's found herself back in the city she is in love with, Istanbul. Surely, several years after college she decided to leave the city once more and this time move to New York City. After having enrolled in courses related to scriptwriting, directing and cinematography at NYFA and SVA she went back to Istanbul longingly.


Bendeki Sen, the short film she both wrote, directed and produced received an award after taking part in international and national film festivals. She directed several commercials as well as a 24-episode Web Series "Ve Kapı Çalar”.


With her method acting background, she has the ability to communicate with and direct talents in a more efficient way. She also believes that addition of her visual imagination to the creative storytelling nature of the advertisement sector is a unique combination.


She continues  her works both as a director and a producer.

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